Testimonials from Volunteers

 “  Right from the start of the trial, I was told that I had the right as a participant to withdraw at any given time should I feel uncomfortable with unpleasant side effects. I felt reassured that I would be well supervised and taken care of by the staff at SingHealth IMU. It was a positive experience and the facilities provided were sufficient for the two nights that I was confined in the unit, which was clean and comfortable.

--- William Ng
I am glad to be able to play a part in the research of a new medicine or vaccine, which could benefit those who are in need of such treatments. I see this as a good cause and in a way doing something for the medical world. I have done similar trials elsewhere on an ad hoc basis and I always make sure that I understand the details and know what I’m in for so that I can participate in the trial without fear. While I do have some reservations about the possible side effects, I trust that I am in the good hands of the doctors and nurses.

--- Desmond
  I volunteered to take part in the trial because I had the time and also for the money, but more importantly, I knew it would help advance research into medication that benefits patients. The staff were nice and patient. Overall a very good experience—the trial did not require too much time and was well managed. I wouldn’t mind taking part again.

--- L. Yong