Thank you for your interest. To help you decide whether you would like to take part in a clinical trial, here’s an introduction to clinical trials as well as more detailed answers to questions you may have. You can also check out the list of ongoing trials.


What trials does SingHealth IMU conduct?

At SingHealth IMU, we specialise in early phase clinical trials. Some of these require the participation of healthy volunteers to investigate potential new treatments and tests, such as biomarkers. Some trials, particularly those in the area of cancer, involve patient volunteers who are assessed and referred by their treating doctor.

Before a trial is conducted at our unit, the potential new treatment is first studied in the laboratory and in animal models to help gather as much information as possible. Only if this information shows promise is the potential new treatment tested in human volunteers.
All clinical trials are reviewed by the SingHealth Centralised Institutional Review Board (CIRB) to ensure that the interests and safety of volunteers are protected. All clinical trials must prove that the potential benefits outweigh the potential risk before approval is given for the trial to start.

For more information on how your interests will be safeguarded, click here.