Working with Us

SingHealth IMU collaborates with researchers and principal investigators in higher education, the public healthcare sector and industry to develop and evaluate novel interventions and diagnostic tools.

The criteria for collaboration are simple: we are keen to work with the best individuals and institutions. The success of our existing partnerships is based on a combination of synergy and mutual respect.

Once a trial has been selected to be conducted at SingHealth IMU, the protocol has to be cleared by SingHealth’s Centralised Institutional Review Board. The Board meets monthly and provides a first response within four weeks.


Our Facilities

Monitoring rooms
A chronobiology suite with 2 beds, managed by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore
Seven rooms with 30 hospital beds
Dedicated subject recruitment and screening rooms
Dedicated subject recruitment and screening rooms
A recreational lounge

If you’re interested in partnering SingHealth IMU, please contact us. We’d be happy to meet you and show you around our unit.