SingHealth IMU is led by two directors and staffed by a team of dedicated fully qualified specialist nurses and a resident physician, who have all been trained in Singapore Guidelines to Good Clinical Practice (SG-GCP).

The directors also sit on the Executive Committee, which is in charge of its academic and operational affairs. It is made up of representatives from SingHealth institutions.

The Executive Committee reports to an Advisory Board that charts the overall direction and sets the unit’s governing policies. It consists of representatives from the three stakeholders of the unit – SingHealth, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences.

 dr doctor prof professor darren lim wan teck wan-teck national cancer centre nccs ncc oncology Associate Professor Darren Lim, Director (Clinical)

sue tee yap robyn yip alice chan kan swee yong nurse clinical research coordinator director

Ms Sue Tee, Director (Administration & Operations)

Ms Alice Chan, Manager (Nurses) 

Ms Robyn Yip, Senior Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

Mr Kan Swee Yong, Senior Clinical Research Nurse